Put down the phone and enter the magical world of sewing.


Needle-less to say…thinking outside of the box is encouraged.


Go from 2D to 3D. Create something uniquely yours.

Welcome to Sew with Sonia!


For the last decade, I have been teaching kids how to sew. Increasingly, children spend much of their free time on smartphones, keyboards, and video game consoles. 

Sewing enables kids to express their creativity, plan projects, and develop fine motor skills.


Tactile Experimentation

My mission is to introduce them to a noble craft, invite them to dream, create, experiment with different textures and colors, learn dimensional proportion, think outside the box and discover different ways to fix tangible problems, all while developing their fine motor skills. Their construction of physical objects is personally rewarding and distinct from the digital world.


Transferable Skills

Although sewing is an art, many skills learned are quite transferable to engineering, surgery, mathematics and other STEM fields. Sewing contributes to the healthy development of our children by fostering collaboration and communication in a relaxed social setting.  

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