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My curiosity with sewing began at an early age. By the time I was 8, I was making clothes for my Barbie doll. By 11, I was fashioning bathing suits in plain cotton and reversible bottoms. I observed my mother and grandmother knit and sew while I grew up, so these skills were ingrained as part of my upbringing. As an adult, I took my interest to the next level, first obtaining a degree in Fashion Design at Cañada College and then starting a web-based business selling custom hand-knitted accessories —

Our children were born in the digital era, so much of their free time is spent on smartphones, keyboards, and video game consoles. As a result, their fine motor skills for manipulation, writing and precision typically are not well developed. My mission is to introduce them to a noble craft, invite them to dream, create, experiment with different textures and colors, learn dimensional proportion, think outside the box and discover different ways to fix tangible problems, all while developing their fine motor skills. Their efforts will result in the construction of physical objects, which is personally very rewarding and distinct from the digital world.

Although sewing is an art, many of the skills learned are quite transferable to engineering, surgery, mathematics and other STEM fields. Studies also show that sewing and knitting are social and relaxing, which can contribute to the healthy development of our children.  These skills can last a lifetime -- why not share a wonderful life-long gift with your child in today’s stressful world?

I welcome the opportunity to share my passion for sewing with your kids and help inspire them to happily reach their full potential.